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"Uncommon Waltzes" CD is now AVAILABLE!!!


I am thrilled to announce the release of my new CD, Uncommon Waltzes.

These are original tunes composed for contradancing, expanded and arranged for your listening pleasure. They are written in a variety of styles, including Irish, French cafe music, tango waltz, chamber music, Appalachian, and more. Over 20 musicians contributed to this project, including fabulous players on fiddle, flute, guitar, accordion, alto sax, clarinet, oboe and more.

"They are delicious, beautifully crafted, lovingly rendered. What you have recorded is a great gift to anyone who cherishes music for its direct capacity to enliven and stimulate the heart." -- James Grant, composer

I wish to thank all of the musicians who so expertly performed on the CD, Hamilton Altstatt for his great ideas and expertise in the studio, and my many friends and family members who have encouraged me and enjoyed my music over the years.

To purchase the music visit the link at the left. You can also download the sheet music, read the stories of the waltzes and even listen to a bonus track.

I hope you enjoy the music!


Listen to the Waltzes

Enjoy listening to excerpts of my waltzes. If you are interested in buying the CD please click on the "Purchase" link on the left.


The Musicians

Wayne Hitt (keyboard)
Robin Behn (flute)
Shawn Webster (percussion)
Andrew Levin (fiddle)

David DiGiusseppe (accordion)
Joseph Sobol (guitar)
Kate Steinbeck (flute)
Byron Hedgepeth (marimba)
Daron Douglas (fiddle)
Paul Moore (piano, accordion)
Cindie Rothe (vocals)
Jon Rothe (guitar)
Leslie Warlick (violin)
Andrew Levin (piano, viola)
John Ravnan (viola)
Chris Powell (cello)
Ian Bracchitta (bass)
John Bleuel (alto saxophone)
Ray Spires (oboe)
Eric Lapin (clarinet)
Kathy Robinson (violin)
Achim Gerber (viola)
Brenda Leonard (cello)


About These Waltzes

I began writing waltzes for contradances and English country dances the late 1990s. Even though my friends encouraged me over the years to record a CD of my tunes, for some reason I put it off. Finally, the stars lined up and 2012 became the year of the waltz CD.

Financial support has been provided in part by the Clemson University University Research Grant Committee's Project Completion Grant and the Reynolds Foundation. All rights of the University have been released to the creator.


 © 2012 Andrew Levin, ASCAP

Last updated February 3, 2013