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Biography: Andrew Levin


Andrew Levin is an associate professor of music at Clemson  University's Department of Performing Arts. He conducts the Clemson University Symphony Orchestra, teaches Music Theory, and coaches the Clemson University String Quartet. He also coaches the Traditional Music Ensemble, where he teaches the students to play music for contradances and English country dances. Dr. Levin is a substitute violist with the Greenville and Charleston Symphony Orchestras and plays violin, viola, and piano for weddings and other functions through his music contracting service, Classic Touch. He also plays fiddle with his contradance band Waxwing, which performs across the Southeast.

As a composer, Andrew has written and arranged more than a hundred works for orchestra and various ensembles. Selected works are published by Latham Music (a division of Lorenz Corporation) and self-published. He began traditional dancing the 1990s and began writing tunes for them soon after. He has composed approximately 50 waltzes, jigs and reels for contradancing and concert performance.

Dr. Levin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from California State University (Los Angeles), a Master of Music degree in conducting and piano performance from Rice University (Houston), and a Doctor of Arts degree in conducting and viola performance from Ball State University (Indiana). Levin joined the Clemson faculty in 1993 and was given the great gift of a son in 2004.





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