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Bonus track: "You Let'em In"


Thank you for perusing my website and expressing interest in my music. I've included an extra musical track that, though it is in waltz time, is nothing like the other music you'll find here. In fact, it's a country song!

It is based on a true story from when I lived in Houston, Texas. The year was 1980 (or 1981 -- I really can't remember). I had a basket of dirty laundry in my arms. I opened the front door and in rushed a large critter, as if I had invited him in.

If you are from the Deep South you know what kind of critter I am speaking of.

So sit back and enjoy "You Let'em In."


Andrew Levin: piano, vocals
Hamilton Altstatt: guitar
Ian Bracchitta: bass
Lynn Kasdorf: pedal steel guitar
Additional background vocals by Hamilton and Pamela Altstatt and Andrew Levin

Music and lyrics by Andrew Levin
Recorded and mixed at Greatwaves Digital Media
Engineered and produced by Hamilton Altstatt



 © 2012 Andrew Levin, ASCAP

Last updated February 3, 2013