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Download sheet music of the waltzes


Would you like to play some of these tunes yoursef? Feel free to download PDFs of the sheet music below. They are all in lead sheet format (melodies with chord symbols) and in the key in which they were composed. All I ask in return is for you to contact me if you plan to arrange or record any of them. They are all copyrighted, by me or Lorenz Corp (see the sheet music for more details) and permissions are required. I have arranged eight of the tunes for chamber trio -- to purchase them see below.


Waltzes for Trio

Two sets of my waltzes are published by Latham Music, a division of Lorenz Corp. They are arranged for flute (or violin), viola (or violin) and cello. Each set contains six waltzes and include some tunes that are not found on this CD. The tunes from the CD are listed below. You can purchase them online at the Lorenz Corp website or at other online retailers.

Six Waltzes for Trio

Gypsy Waltz
Return to County Clare
Second Anniversary Waltz

Six More Waltzes for Trio

A Mother's Sorrow
LEAF Waltz
After the Hike
Shosty's Waltz
Sleepy Z Waltz

Many thanks to Lynne Latham for her encouragement and efforts to bring these works to print.



 © 2012 Andrew Levin, ASCAP

Last updated February 3, 2013