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"Uncommon Waltzes" costs $15 plus $2.50 for postage (in the US) and the envelope. Send me a check for $17.50 and I'll mail you a copy. Make sure to write your name and address neatly. If you wish to order multiple copies, please contact me via email to determine the proper shipping costs.

Postal address:

Andrew Levin
322 Pendleton Rd.
Clemson SC 29631

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Purchasing online and digital dowloads

As much as I would love to offer online payments and even digital downloads I'm afraid I can't do that now. There are issues of licensing (the copyright of some of my tunes is held by a publisher) and setting up an online store is no small matter. As soon as I am able to resolve these issues I will set up the online store. If you would like your copy of the music sooner rather than later, though, I would suggest purchasing the CD now -- I can't predict when the online store will be available. Thank you for understanding.



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Last updated February 3, 2013